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Posted on 22nd February 2011 in Dethatching Rake Articles

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If you don’t want to use a dethatching rake, you may want to consider getting a dethatcher rental

Dethatcher Rental Guidelines

You might be wondering wondering what a dethatcher rental is since it is not a familiar name that you often hear on a daily basis. Well to fully explain what it is, you can continue to read the rest of this article to gain some informative knowledge’s that you can use if ever you will need the service for a future use. A dethatcher machine is like an innovated type of rake that is sometimes called as a power rake. This is often used in some outdoor landscaping project for improving your lawn. If you plan to purchase a dethatcher machine for your personal use then don’t be shocked to discover that they cost a fortune. This is the reason why most of the people who needs the service of this machine prefer to rent it than buy it especially if you don’t need its service for a regular basis.

The main job of a dethatcher machine is to remove layers of old and withered grass to make way to the new and fresh ones to grow. Old grasses are needed to be removed because they stop the water and nutrients from penetrating through the ground underneath. Dethatching your lawn will make your lawn and your grass greener and healthier compared to its original state. It is like giving your lawn a well deserve break after all the harsh season changes all year round. Dethatcher rentals will commonly cost you around %50 to %90 dollars a day. There are also some rental companies that offer an hourly rental fee that will cost you %30to %50 dollars. Comparing the rates, you can notice that a daily rate would cost you lesser rental fee. Hence it is more effective to rent the machine for a daily basis. Try looking for a company that offers some beneficial compensation to their customers like a free transfer service to save you up from paying for a truck for transfer.

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